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Gamma Youtube to MP3

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Download & convert your Youtube videos with the fastest converter of the market!

Price:               FREE

Platform: Windows

Developer:  IppoSoft
Compatible with:  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 - 8 - 8.1

Get it here:  Download from CNET


Gamma Youtube is a new, super-fast and truly free YouTube to mp3 converter app, which you get without the usual bundled adware and crapware of similar programs. 

Enjoy the speed!

"Quickly download video content from YouTube and convert it to MP3, with this reliable application that supports batch file processing" - Softpedia Editor Elizabeta Virlan


Simple but elegant 
Designed from the ground up with simplicity and speed in mind. Simple and quick installation.

State of the art
Using the latest technologies and developments and compiled against the latest Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework in the latest Visual Studio 2013 for blazing speed, responsiveness and stability.

Enhanced Multicore
The app uses the latest multithreading technology in order to assess and then fully use your hardware's potential and minimize waiting times, both during downloads and conversions, and all this across unlimited concurrent video downloads in parallel.

Accelerated downloads
Using an intelligent algorithm like those in many download accelerators, the app determines the fastest way to download your video, using from 1 up to 8 concurrent download segments, each running in their own independent thread.


Premium features for free
You can download as many songs as you like - simultaneously. No restrictions of any kind.

Automatic sound normalization
You can configure the app to normalize your newly converted video, so there are no sound level differences from track to track - you can even do this manually! Select the tracks you want and Gamma will take care of them in parallel. It will normalize as many tracks concurrently as your cpu cores can take! 

Rich, yet straightforward options
Keep your downloads list, browse to the downloaded song directly from the app by double-clicking it or customize input and output qualities

Unprecedented safety
NO viruses, NO spyware, NO adware, NO bundled toolbars/crapware/browser add-ons/third party apps of any kind.

NO weird shortcuts on your desktop. The installer does not download anything during setup . No crap of any kind. VirusTotal link provided as proof.

Unmatched privacy
No data at all is collected about you. The app communicates with the internet only on two occasions: a. to download your videos and b. to check for an updated version (anonymously). No other communication, no open ports, no logged IPs, etc. Complete respect of your privacy. Period.

Donation – not subscriptionsClick to donate!
We do not believe in restricting you with trials or crippling & annoying locks so that you are forced spend your hard-earned money, whatever the amount might be. We believe that your money should go where YOU believe it should. We would be happy if you donated in order to help us keep up the development, but this is completely up to you. Of course, you will set the donation amount - not us.

Continuous development
You will always get bug fixes and support. More features underway!
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